Music and Photography installations

Agnes (in Redemption) – Paris, 2015

Photography is Justin Lépany’s second reason to live after music. After years of resisting the temptation of making it a part of his musical work, he surrendered when he got asked to conceptualize an artwork between music and photography for the exhibit “Nêtre” in Paris. the gallery  in Paris.January 2015. This was the genesis of “Agnes (in Redemption)” -a music and photography installation exposed in Plateforme in January 2015- and just the beginning of a new adventure.


Arizona for solo harp (Berlin, September 2013)

Arizona is a autobiographical piece Justin Lépany wrote after a picture he took in the desert mountains of Arizona, in memory of a trip that took him back to his roots. The piece was commissioned by Ronith Mues and the festival Ankunft: Neue Musik and performed on the 2nd of September 2013.


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